You've served your country. Now, let us serve you by providing expert career search advice and direction.

militarySeparating from active duty to a civilian lifestyle can sometimes be a daunting task.  With the life lessons and education you received in the military it can be mind boggling why employers can and do overlook your skill sets.  Here are a few items we suggest you consider when you know you are transitioning:

  • Develop an appropriate timeline that will help you know when you can start applying.  Consider deployments, unused leave days or planned location changes.  Once you have this figured out it is appropriate to get some feelers out there in the market.
  • Decide on your location.  You may stay where you are separating; you may move back home or you might just go where the job takes you.  It is imperative that you come to this conclusion early on so you can use your time wisely during your job search.
  • Research companies in your area of interest. Find the ones who are actively hiring military veterans and make some connections using social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

With Coach Your Career we will cover areas such as: career planning, resume writing and interviewing. We will assist you on how to create a LinkedIn and Twitter profile, connect with peers, join groups, follow companies and establish an online professional identity as part of your job search.

Our full range of services are as follows:

1-ON-1 Coaching
Coach Your Career helps you create goals for your career and establish a step by step approach to obtaining these goals. You will learn how to build the right resume that markets you above the rest of the candidates. You will be provided insights on interviewing tips and techniques that will WOW hiring managers. You will learn the art of negotiating and utilize job search methods via social media and targeting your networking efforts with decision makers. All sessions may be done via phone or in person.

The influence of group coaching is extraordinary. You will benefit from a 4 hour session with an expert coach who covers: introductions (handshake to ice-breakers), asking high valued question that win over hiring managers and conducting the appropriate follow-up. The added benefit of Q&A with the group adds a great deal of energy, support, and the expertise of your peers. The combination is dominant and will motivate and support you as you grow your personal and professional life. Group coaching is great for those who are truly ready to invest in themselves.

Need a speaker for your group of friends, your employees, or organization? We have either a 30 minute or 1 hour interactive presentation that can be customized to meet your needs.

Ever wanted to ask the hiring managers what they are looking for in applicants?  Now is your chance!  During our panel sessions we turn the table on the hiring managers and ask them the questions.  This interactive event also serves a networking purpose.  Bring your refurbished resume or business card and your questions to our panel sessions.


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