Get the support, encouragement and strategies you need in order to transition to the career you have always wanted.

transition chart photoTransition is a word that makes many feel skittish and unpalatable. It’s a word that means change and involves an action to start a process.  However, in most cases, to develop and experience, you must go through a transition to get to your destination. Our question to you is, why not make your career transition be more of an engaging and pleasant experience?
At Coach Your Career, we specialize in assisting clients with the towering obstacle of self-doubt, by focusing on three easy steps:

  • Developing confidence while you uncover the specific skills and knowledge you are passionate about.
  • Utilizing our A.B.C. Job Search System approach will help you identify suitable positions, industries and organizational cultures, and teach you how to position yourself for a competitive job search.
  • Developing the habits you will need to sustain a happy outlook on a fresh start to your existing position or a new one you always wanted.

So, why dread Sunday nights because you don’t want to go to THAT JOB ANYMORE? Take the leap of faith and call Coach Your Career for a FREE consultation so we can help you find what you are destined to do.

Our full range of services are as follows:

1-ON-1 Coaching
Coach Your Career helps you create goals for your career and establish a step by step approach to obtaining these goals. You will learn how to build the right resume that markets you above the rest of the candidates. You will be provided insights on interviewing tips and techniques that will WOW hiring managers. You will learn the art of negotiating and utilize job search methods via social media and targeting your networking efforts with decision makers. All sessions may be done via phone or in person.

The influence of group coaching is extraordinary. You will benefit from a 4 hour session with an expert coach who covers: introductions (handshake to ice-breakers), asking high valued question that win over hiring managers and conducting the appropriate follow-up. The added benefit of Q&A with the group adds a great deal of energy, support, and the expertise of your peers. The combination is dominant and will motivate and support you as you grow your personal and professional life. Group coaching is great for those who are truly ready to invest in themselves.

Need a speaker for your group of friends, your employees, or organization? We have either a 30 minute or 1 hour interactive presentation that can be customized to meet your needs.

Ever wanted to ask the hiring managers what they are looking for in applicants?  Now is your chance!  During our panel sessions we turn the table on the hiring managers and ask them the questions.  This interactive event also serves a networking purpose.  Bring your refurbished resume or business card and your questions to our panel sessions.


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