About Coach Your Career

large cyc logoCoach Your Career assists all professionals in need of career transition. Whether you are changing careers, just graduated and entering the job market, transitioning from active duty or just trying to further your current status within an established organization, Coach Your Career can help you! The process is very simple. We offer all potential clients a FREE consultation with Scott Albert, owner of Coach Your Career. Covered in every consultation, Scott will work on understanding the obstacles of your individual situation and together a “game plan” will be put in place so the evolution can begin.

At Coach Your Career, we understand that each client has a unique challenge and requires different styles of coaching, so an array of services are at your disposal: 1-on-1, group sessions and panel Q&A with industry decision makers.

Using years of experience, Coach Your Career enlightens clients with individual goal-setting, resume building, interview techniques, negotiating compensation and job search via social media – you will be properly prepared for any situation.

Coach Your Career does NOT find you a job. Instead, you will be empowered to find your way through the 21st Century of job hunting.


Contact information: Phone: (718) 683-4523   |   Email: scottalbert@coachyourcareer.com