Your Career Coach

scott-albert-pictureScott Albert is currently a Career Coach and a Talent Acquisition Specialist and has over ten years of experience in the staffing and corporate industries. He understands the full life cycle and selection process for most industries and especially: IT, Banking, Accounting/Finance, Sales, Government, Retail, Construction, Healthcare, Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution, Mortgage, Supply Chain/Logistics, Legal, and Office Support. He has extensive experience building relationships with all levels of management and the art of negotiation is his expertise. He cares about your job search and wants you to be successful.

Scott founded Coach Your Career for two reasons:

  • to assist others with the knowledge of job hunting
  • establish an affordable way for individuals who don’t have a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional to lean on during a time of career instability.

Scott is married and has three children and lives in the Charlotte area. He knows how life’s pressures can add up and does not want your job search to be an unpleasant experience for you and add to the stress in your life. He will help you through the process and be a valuable asset to your search.


Contact information: Phone: (718) 683-4523   |   Email: