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No matter where you are in your career pursuit, Coach Your Career can help you prepare for the best opportunity and achieve your dream.

Welcome to Coach Your Career!

What is the correct response in an interview when the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself”?
Are you in need of a change in atmosphere? Do you have potential that isn’t being used? When’s the last time you got a raise? Unsure of how to get a job in the 21st Century using technology and social media? You need COACH YOUR CAREER!

With the “A.B.C. Job Search System”, Scott Albert, President/Founder of Coach Your Career, “you will have all you need to find the right job for you.”

The “A.B.C. Job Search System” is Actions that Bridge your Career. In three easy steps you will be able to apply this system.

  • You will receive appropriate guidance from an experienced career coach to develop career goals that align with your personal goals.
  • You will obtain 1on1 advisement from an experienced career coach. Here you will get the proper attention your job search deserves.  We will walk through the full process together.
  • You will learn how to make social media work for you using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many others.

Our goal is that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. So, if you are ready to take the journey, please contact us now so we can get started to reach our goals together.

It’s as easy as…1…2…3 or A.B.C.


View some of our satisfied client testimonials below:

“…He walked me through a step-by-step process catering to MY skills and desires with integrity and he made it easy to apply what he’d taught me. Soon after my initial meeting with Scott, the phone started ringing and I found myself trying to figure which offer I liked best!”
“I highly recommend Scott and his career coaching company “Coach Your Career” when your in need of getting on the right path to securing the job that best meets your abilities and undiscovered qualifications.”
“I would highly recommend Scott as a career coach and look forward to continuing my work with him.”
“I highly endorse Scott and his company “Coach Your Career” for interview coaching, resume review, and overall career objective strategies. He was immensely helpful, and provided a wealth of knowledge from an HR and recruiting perspective. Scott helped me highlight my strengths better on my resume and refine my overall career goals to make them more attainable and better communicated. I look forward to working with him in the future, and will certainly recommend him to my colleagues and coworkers.”
“Scott and I have been working together for just over a month, and in that time he has become one of my most critical advisors as I sort through this next phase of my career. He is able to quickly build rapport and trust. He is highly intuitive and provides well thought out and sound advice. I highly recommend Scott to anyone who is contemplating a near term job change and even more so to someone, like myself, who wants to map out the multiple steps to their ultimate career goal. In full disclosure he will hold you accountable, but he is there with you every step of the way.”
“I hired Scott as my career coach because of the lack of traction I was getting in the job search, my discomfort with the interview process, and the difficulty I’ve had with salary negotiation. He delivered on each of these concerns. He is a tremendous goal setter, and the resume that he helped me create immediately started getting attention. He coached me through the interview process, put me at ease, and gave me the confidence I needed to impress the interviewers. He clarified what my salary expectations ought to be and suggested creative approaches to the negotiation process. We set an aggressive goal of a 50% salary increase, and I was stunned to when I landed a job with an 80% increase! He is very personable and great to work with, and I’m sure that I will utilize his skills again as I move through my career.”
“Doubled my salary in less than a year. Best coach ever! If you are looking for a coach to take your career to the next level, look no further. Scott Albert is the real deal! After failing countless interviews, I knew I needed a coach to succeed. I was tired of getting beat out by less talented people simply because I didn’t know how to sell myself better. After my first session with Scott, I knew I was dealing with a real pro. Scott and I started working together in the winter of 2015 and by spring 2016, I had 3 offers at almost double my current salary. At first, I didn’t change jobs but Scott helped me maximize my current earnings. I was able to negotiate for a 40% salary increase at my job. In Aug of 2016 I decided to move companies and Scott helped me land my dream job with a perfect schedule and $15,000 salary increase. Hiring Scott as a Career Coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you Scott! – From me and my family! “
“I reached out to Scott before making my career move. Without him I would not have been able to maneuver my way through the whole process as successfully as I did. His vast knowledge and expertise played a big role in every aspect of my move, from the search to the interview and all the way through the negotiation process. I won’t make another career or job change/move without him 🙂 – THANKS SCOTT! “
“Scott Albert coached me during a very difficult professional time I am happy to provide a comment about working with career coach, Scott Albert. He coached me during a very difficult professional time in my career, providing guidance and insight on my ideals about myself as a professional. Scott used a career assessment consisting of probing questions related to my career goals as well as assisted with reformatting my resume. I am more confident about prospects for career-related opportunities. I do not find that there are areas in need of improvement.”
“It is my pleasure to recommend Coach Your Career to anyone looking to make a career change, graduating college and entering the workforce, or wanting to move forward in their current career. In terms of my personal situation, I moved to Charlotte, NC two years ago from Atlanta, GA and went a different path professionally by starting a transportation and logistics company. In January, 2015 I decided to shut the transportation company down and resume my Management Consulting career here in Charlotte.

When I came to Coach your Career I was hoping to get help with my job search and realized much had changed since I last looked for a job, which was in 2007. Not only was that, but the job market for me in Charlotte drastically different from the one I encountered in Atlanta. Scott Albert immediately reviewed my resume and my use of other job search related tools. We immediately focused on getting my social media accounts updated properly and he coached me on the tools available within these mediums and how best to utilize them in my own job search. A lot of time was also spent preparing for interview questions and also educating me on what the real purpose of these questions were. Scott also instructed me on my true market value and that finding the right company that is a good fit for me was of the utmost importance.

Once again, I strongly recommend his services for anyone entering the job search. He can instruct any new graduate on the way corporations operate and what you need to do so you stand out to recruiters. For a more seasoned person, he will be able to audit your use of modern technologies and methods that have become more relevant. Scott immediately makes you feel like you have someone invested in your situation and is an active and concerned teammate during the time spent with you. Personally, I feel like my ability to market myself and my abilities increased by leaps and bounds by working with Scott Albert. “

“A bit wary of using a coach in my job search, Scott was recommended by a friend as someone who could help. I am now a believer. Scott’s process is quite sound – he gets to know you, is an excellent listener and provides great tools to work with. For me, my old outdated resume now has new life. My social media awareness and search methods have been improved. Scott’s passion for helping others comes through loud and clear.”
“Whether new to the job hunt or seeking a career-change, Scott is a knowledgeable professional with a genuine interest in helping others navigate through the process. From clarifying career goals, fine-tuning the resume and leveraging social media to successful interviews and salary negotiation, his advice is practical and relevant to today’s job market. I’m glad I partnered with Scott and am confident that I’m now on the right career path. “
“Scott did an amazing job helping me think outside of the box in terms of resume writing. He also is very knowledgeable of the interview process and offers great strategies.”
“Scott has a terrific understanding of the career transition process. His approach is that of a coach. He works with you to help you to develop and understand your career goal, develop an action plan, and ensure that all of your tools are working for you. As a coach, he does his homework and he will hold you accountable for your work.

For me, he was an invaluable resource. He provided sound feedback and an expert point of view which helped me to prepare my resume, improve my LinkedIn Profile and to prepare for the interview process.

He uses structured tools to help you through the process but he does not take a “canned” approach. Rather, he listens to you, provides feedback, and works to ensure that you are doing what is required to reach your goals.

Scott is a terrific career coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a career transition. “



Contact information: Phone: (718) 683-4523   |   Email: scottalbert@coachyourcareer.com